Vicious Cycles

People come into relationships and friendships with their own set of baggage. This was a lesson that I learned as I got older. Some of our baggage is carriable. The weight doesn’t make you feel as if you are going to crack under pressure. Other baggage, however, can make you feel as if you’ve been handed the death sentence. It is this kind of burdensome baggage that comes with the most pain and suffering. I had briefly dated a man who suffered abuse as a child. It was a trauma that he never really dealt with in a healthy way. Though, on the outside, he appeared to be a charismatic and happy soul, on the inside he was suffering. There was a darkness inside of him that no man or woman could travel through without getting injured, and though he lived with that chaos for many years, he could not see that it was destroying his life. Not only was this darkness killing his spirit, it was devastating the lives around him, including my own.

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Warriors Don’t Run Away

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the person who’s usually late to the party and, by “late to the party”, I mean I’m the one that looks at a movie that was released in 1996 ten years later and raves about it like it’s brand spanking new.  So, don’t judge me too much when I say that I finally watched the movie Wonder Woman last year.  I found myself emotionally moved by the movie, but not for the reasons you may think.  I had noticed how the women of the Amazon were on this beautiful island unseen by the rest of the world.  The women were strong and fearless, and there was Diana training to be an Amazonian warrior in the protection of this bubble that contained perfect peace and a young woman who had no idea that she was half god.  Now, after seeing so many superhero movies, I pretty much know that the hero will discover their powers and eventually kick the bad guys’ butt, however that wasn’t why I was drawn to the movie.  What stuck out for me was the reluctance of Diana’s mother to tell her daughter who she was.  The Queen of the Amazon did not want her daughter to experience the chaos that existed outside their great bubble of peace.  She wanted to protect her daughter, but knew that in order for Diana to become the great warrior that she was meant to be, she had to face the darkness that existed outside of their perfect world.  This was why I was emotionally moved by this movie.  I, too, was reluctant about leaving my protective bubble and discovering the woman I was meant to become, because I was afraid of the pain I would have to endure and the safety I would have to give up to get there.

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And Still The Hate Spreads

We talk about pandemics. Viruses infecting an entire population. People losing their lives. We speak about finding cures for diseases like cancer and the common cold, yet there are several pandemics occurring on this planet that have been plaguing the human race for centuries. These diseases have infected many people and, like uncontrollable wildfires, they have spread and decimated entire communities. I’m talking about hatred, selfishness, jealousy, corruption, lack of empathy, a love for destruction, cruelty and a thirst for chaos. The irony in all of this is that we have been given cures for these diseases, yet they continue to spread without much opposition. For these diseases, we were given love, compassion, selflessness, empathy, and benevolence. Somehow, these cures remain in their vials still highly potent, but barely used. This is a pandemic just as deadly and fearsome as any other virus roaming amok in our bodies. These things infect the heart and mind. They darken the spirit and rot the soul. Hate makes us wish ill on those who have shown nothing but kindness to us. Cruelty makes us find pleasure in the destruction of those who simply try to do what they feel is right.

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Writing To Change Your World

For a long time, my dream was to make a difference in this world. With all that I had been through in my life, I wanted to help make life a little easier for someone else to go through. That dream was what drove me to start blogging, or so I thought. Martin Luther said that if we wanted to change the world, we needed to pick up our pens and write. When he said “change the world”, I naturally assumed that he meant the world in which we live. But, when I picked up a pen, I now realize that it was not to change the world around me. It was to change the world within me.

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