Looking back, I realize that I learned a lot of lessons while sitting on a couch. When I suffered my first heartbreak, it was on a couch where my parents sat me down and taught me about love. The times when I questioned my purpose in life, it was on a couch where my father challenged me to look deep for the answer and listen. When I got out of line, it was on a couch where my mother showed me some tough love and handed me a reality check about myself. It was on a couch where I learned about life.

I am in no way anyone special. I’m just a human being that loves helping other human beings get through life a little easier. This blog is my humble attempt at creating a digital couch that you can come to for life changing talks. As for my name, I’ve been called many things in my life: A warrior. A survivor. A walking miracle. An old soul. Those who are close to me know me as Brandi, but for simplicity’s sake you can just call me… B.